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Notorious JT - 2019/2020

Player NameAppearances
Atkins, Neil5
Baker, Laura5
Bevell, Pete6
Hawksworth, Adele4
Jackson, Mark2
Pearce, Sharon3
Rapacioli, Gina1
Sandy, Lewis4
Shand, Calum1
Wong, Angelina5

Notorious JT Ladies Four - 2019/2020

Player NameAppearances
Baker, Laura2
Feng, Jia7
Gardner, Laura2
Hawksworth, Adele7
Pearce, Sharon1
Rapacioli, Gina2
Watts, Izzy1
Wong, Angelina8
Wong, Shannon2

Notorious JT Mens Four A - 2019/2020

Player NameAppearances
Atkins, Neil3
Bevell, Pete5
Culverhouse, Mark3
Drake, Wayne1
Hoult, Oliver9
Jackson, Mark7
Lee, Matthew1
Macleod, Brian1
Russell, Jamie4
Shand, Calum1
Wardell, James1
Wilding, Nicholas1
Xiang, Clement Kai3

Notorious JT Mens Four B - 2019/2020

Player NameAppearances
Cooper, Scott6
Drake, Wayne4
Hasnat, Abul1
Horner, Tristan1
Khan, Lukman9
Lee, Matthew3
Linter, James3
Macleod, Brian3
Nelson, Rizky1
Pittaccio, Stuart2
Pottle, Wayne1
Proud, Peter1
Shand, Scott5

Notorious JT Mens Four C - 2019/2020

Player NameAppearances
Brooks, Mark2
Fieldsend, Tom3
Horner, Tristan6
Linter, James1
Main, Matthew9
Pottle, Wayne6
Robertson, Jay6
Rogers, Shaun2
Tucker, Mark5
Warwick, Mark8

Notorious JT Mixed Four - 2019/2020

Player NameAppearances
Atkins, Neil4
Bevell, Pete2
Bray, Paula1
Culverhouse, Mark1
Feng, Jia1
Fieldsend, Tom1
Gardner, Laura2
Hawksworth, Adele2
Hoult, Oliver1
Jackson, Mark1
Pang, Ricky2
Pearce, Sharon1
Watts, Izzy1
Wong, Angelina3
Wong, Shannon1


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