Fours league format clarification


Having discussed the fours rules at a recent meeting it was decided that the current rules on the website are incorrect. We, as a committee, do not know where these rules came from as these rules have never been played in the fours league. We realise it has caused some confusion at the start of the season with the fours league matches due to new teams entering into this league and we apologise for this.

The score card has the format on and the rules will be updated soon.

Just to clarify:

Home Mixed pair A v away mixed Pair A and home mixed pair B v away mixed pair B then
Home mixed pair A v away mixed pair B and Home mixed pair B v away mixed pair A
Home Man A and B v away man A and B in men's game and home ladies A and B v away ladies A and B in ladies match.

The mixed pairings stay the same and the lady does not swap partners.