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Matchpoint A - 2017/2018

Player NameAppearances
Amy, Dan6
Barron, Jacky8
Doublet, Sonia1
Foreman, Karen8
Francis, Jack7
Francis, Joanne7
Francis, Joel3
Smith, Chris7
Tsuro, George1

Matchpoint A Mixed Fours - 2017/2018

Player NameAppearances
Amy, Dan5
Barron, Jacky6
Doublet, Sonia6
Francis, Jack1
Francis, Joanne2
Francis, Joel1
Hoff, Paul6
Smith, Chris1

Matchpoint B - 2017/2018

Player NameAppearances
Burgess, Pete7
Butler, Julian1
Butler, Pippa1
Church, Anna4
Church, Beth1
Cockram, Ian4
Cockram, Jo4
Cockram, Tilly3
Deane, A1
Doublet, Sonia1
Harji, Jay3
Harris, Helen8
Norton, Fiona2
Parr, Jack4
Perrin, Adam1
Phillips, Erica3
Ratha, Arijit1
Tsuro, George1
Tucker, Bruce8
Weller, Glynis2

Matchpoint B Mixed Fours - 2017/2018

Player NameAppearances
Burgess, Pete1
Francis, Jack4
Francis, Joanne6
Francis, Joel1
Phillips, Erica6
Ratha, Arijit1
Smith, Chris5

Matchpoint Mens Fours - 2017/2018

Player NameAppearances
Amy, Dan1
Burgess, Pete4
Butler, Julian3
Francis, Jack6
Francis, Joel4
Parr, Jack2
Perrin, Adam2
Ratha, Arijit5
Smith, Chris3
Tsuro, George2


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